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Elizabeth De Los Santos


After years of working with financial institutions, insurance marketing organizations, and financial advisors, Elizabeth saw the urgency to create an unbiased source of education. She leads the charge in advocating for curriculum standards of how financial education is taught. At TIFE, she collaborates with CPA’s, estate planning attorneys, professors, investment professionals and other education experts to create a research based financial education curriculum that is easily understood and empowers people to take control of their own finances.

Having worked with more than 20 different sales offices nationwide, Elizabeth was able to gain a deep understanding of how the financial service industry worked. She saw firsthand the need for unbiased financial education and felt compelled to act.

Elizabeth’s penchant for giving back began with her first career in the non-profit industry at The Priest Holmes Foundation, a non-profit committed to encouraging education & enhancing the lives of children in the San Antonio community. While at The Priest Homes Foundation Elizabeth created a scholarship program dedicated to San Antonio high school students.